Beau L. in Premiere Pics of Porn

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This week's exclusive photo series features the statuesque and stunningly gorgeous Beau in her Femjoy premiere. And what a premiere it is! She has such a commanding presence while being equally inviting and alluring. Just her standing there is sexy! : )

The responses we've received from our members have been wonderful and we are so pleased. Here's what they had to say about this latest Femjoy Beauty;

"Welcome to Femjoy Beau! You are simply incredible. A woman could not be more perfect in shape, form, and beauty. Simply AMAZING!"

"Beau is another 6 star addition, 5 just doesn't cut the mustard."

"Beau is absolutely gorgeous! What a fantastic body, sly smile, beautiful face and lovely long blond locks. She is a wonderful addition to Femjoy. Would love to see more!"

"What a wonderful debut performance!! Welcome to the galleries of Femjoy. You are a fantastically beautiful woman. The whole photo set is delightful. Please come back soon for another visit. And--Kudos for the artistic skill of the photographer."

"Don't have any fancy words, to describe what I'm seeing... Beau, a premiere?? So many of these shots would qualify, as pin-ups. If I was a kid, I would have this poster,on my wall, along with ...... Welcome , Beau, you fit right in."

"Beau, this is your first appearance and already I'm in love. So are many others."

"Wow, what a lovely creature. Outstandingly sultry and a beauty to behold."

Yes indeed. Well said members. We feel the same and look forward to bring you more of this goddess in the future. Until then, please enjoy beau in her Femjoy premiere!