Make Me A Star|Scene #01 Pics of Porn

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Growing up in Montana|I always thought I had some serious star power|and walking around on the bustling Hollywood Walk of Fame|even as a tourist|gets me super-inspired and makes me feel just like a movie star! Of course|sometimes you really luck out and run into a real star like I did with my idol|Lena Nicole! I love all her movies|and she's sooo hot... and when I told her I wanted to be a star and she said I had potential|I just about wet myself! She offered to give me a bit of 'pre-audition' coaching and took me up to her swanky Hollywood suite and I just couldn't stop my jaw from dropping|the whole thing was so unreal! Of course|things got even crazier when Lena told me to take my clothes off|but if anybody knows how to become big in the industry it's her|so I've just gotta trust and do what she says|right? Well wait until you see what we ended up filming together|I'm not so sure I can use it for an audition tape after all|but hey|who wouldn't kill to have their own celebrity sex tape?! Lena Nicole, Serena Blair