Polly E. in Obsession Pics of Porn

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This week's Best of Femjoy features the ever so sexy Polly E. in "Obsession". Who wouldn't be obsessed with such a beauty? Polly is beyond sexy. There is a quality to her that is indescribable. She oozes sexy… it comes out of her pores… her hair, her eyes… she is the definition of sexy.

Of course, we're a bit bias, so let's hear what some of our satisfied members had to say about this long-time favorite Femjoy Beauty;

"Oh yeah... Polly is so hot I can't stand it. So voluptuous. So sexy. That look of hers really turns me on. Like she wants to devour me. Like she's obsessed with me. Well bring it on babe! I'm ready for ya'! : )"

"To look at Polly's beautiful face, knowing that she is completely nude, is very arousing! Wonderful."

"An erotic scene of sweet flesh, like the outward ripples on a growing tide I dissolved into ecstasy.The burning of my desire emerging from the pink mist, pools of pleasure in her ripening fruit, I was savouring her ardour, my mouth now sated on honeyed pearl..."

"Polly is absolutely flawless, sheer nude perfection!"

"I shiver and shake with love at the thought of being with you Polly."

"Polly is absolutely beautiful! What great nudes! Really enjoy the varied and intimate shots taken of her lovely form. What a beautiful flower and terrific derriere!"

"The perfectly folded petals of this flower are a stand alone work of art but in combination with all aspects of Polly's beauty really show the stylist's art. Gorgeous and groomed to a "T"."

"Oh, yes... What a way to begin a Saturday! Polly is so deliciously sexy from her head to her toes. I can certainly see how she could inspire more than a little bit if obsession in a man... A woman who can turn up the heat with merely a glance of those big, beautiful eyes. Oh man, is she gorgeous...and no, I can't get enough of her either. See? There's obsession for you..."

"Polly and Platonoff have made my day. Such beauty and sexiness on display here that my mind will travel to these photos all day!"

"Polly has one of the most beautiful figures of a woman! Polly is a truly desirable woman indeed!!"

"Polly's luscious beauty leaves me breathless with desire…"

Well said members, and thanks for the comments. It's nice to see we're not alone in our affection for this beautiful woman. We hope you enjoy this, and all of her other photo sets with us… you won't be disappointed. : ) Enjoy!